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Frequently Asked Questions

room mate finder

What are some of the features of USA Roomies? (Online Rentals, LLC) is an online member's only roommate service where you can chat with other people by their username they create to learn more about them before all parties meet and make an agreement to live together. We advise for you to follow the verification procedure to display this on your profile.

Roommate FAQ

Is there any cost?

We reserve the right to lock member's email in high traffic areas until the member buys a $9.99 Lifetime VIP Membership to have their address verified, college email address if they have one and too help USA Roomies to get going. This is also for verification and to keep the website clean from spam, fake ads and games people play.

How does this website fight fake profiles?

We reserve the right to lock member’s email if their IP address is coming from a country and their profile seems misleading to who they say they are. We encourage members to get verified for other members to feel more safe. Please report any suspicious profiles. There are times I see misleading profiles with an IP address from a country the user states they are not in.

How does this website work with countries other than the USA?

International students are highly welcomed to use this website and always state what their situation is and their IP address matches what they state in their profile. Having a roommate from a different country then yourself is one of the best educational opportunities you could take and opens you up to being more of a social person.

How do I verify my college / university email address?

When you buy a membership you will receive a welcome email stating the email address to email us from your college / university email for verification. This should be extremely straight forward, but I get numerous paid members that email me from a non college / university email address writing their college / university email address just in the email then when I send out verification do not hear from anyone at that college / university email address.

Why does this website charge in some area now?

So the website can exist. Without members buying a membership there is no way this website could keep going. Starting a small business now days is very hard. There are NO loans for a small business. Also, for the security of our members to feel safer when they chat with someone.

What areas have to currently buy a membership?

San Diego State University and Arizona State University members are locked and need to pay $9.99 for a lifetime membership. All other areas on USA Roomies have access to their email box. Hopefully you will consider buying a membership with us and keep this website going. I am not all about money and want to keep this website at a reasonable cost, but I do need money to survive. I need too keep this website updated and work on the new responsive version and need your help. Please do not allow large corporation own everything in the world and buy a membership. Also, for the security for our members to feel safe and this website to be clean of fake profiles and spam.

What do I get for the $9.99 lifetime membership?

Free access to this website as long as I own it and it exists. No banner advertisement displayed (coming soon), verification, support number and support email address.