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Please donate to USA Roomies a roommate referral service web site to set up a private organization event that doubles up people as roommates, campus housing, or create your individual profile to list your rooms for rent or looking for a housemate.

We need your help to raise funds to market and approve on the prototype for USA Roomies.

My name is Pete Markakis. I am a software engineer and web developer. I have been the senior developer where I have created the entire back-end for several companies' websites. For several years I have worked really hard on USA Roomies between IT jobs and even did it for credit in college where I carried and maintained a 3.8 GPA. I have created USA Roomies 99% entirely myself and it is unique from other roommate finder websites including Craigslist. Given the chance the website can go so much further. I need your help primarily for marketing, to keep approving on the prototype, and to finish the mobile version.

We are a roommate finding service website displaying rooms for rent and roommate profiles where members can get to know people before making an agreement to live together. Users will have the option and are encouraged to be verified to add another element of security. (Online Rentals, LLC) is for:

  1. Students (dorm or off-campus roommates)
  2. Property owners that have a vacant room for rent
  3. Organizations that double up people in a hotel room for a event or training
  4. Student Properties and Campus Housing
  5. Individuals who want to save money by sharing rent and utility responsibilities

USA Roomies' private organization groups are unique and can range from a University for campus housing to an orchestra that plays out of town that doubles up their musicians and workers. If an approved group is set up by an organization leader, members are joined to the group by the email address the leader sets up and or a password. The organization leader has several setting options they can set for their group. There is nothing like this on the Internet! Your contributions and your continued support are very much appreciated and given the chance will get USA Roomies found on the internet by building the SEO naturally in time.

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Where Is The Money Going?

  1. Basic money to help with the bills while I finish the mobile version and approve on the prototype
  2. Marketing

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Pete Markakis
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You can help us with this by sharing our campaign with your friends and spreading the word through any social media linking to our website. Also, liking us on any social media, Facebook and Google +. I need your help to make marketing the roommate referral website a reality and together we will bring USA Roomies to life! I look forward to hearing from you, working with you and thank you so much for your support!