About this Roommate Referral Service

USA Roomies is a roommate referral service website and web application where members can display their rooms for rent, looking for a room for rent or dorm roommates rather than being paired to a random person. USA Roomies helps people to get to know potential housemates before members make an agreement to live together by their online chat responsive website and web application for cellular users. College students in a new town can utilize USA Roomies services to obtain better living arrangements by having roomies, with a safe and reliable way to chat with potential roommates. There are a lot of people that rather live off-campus and they all rent a house together to save money. USARoomies.com (Online Rentals, LLC) verifies members for a small fee. Let other members feel safe that you have been verified through us.

At USA Roomies it is acknowledged that, while hoping to get a roommate that suits your own particular needs, the last thing you want to do is broadcast sensitive information. In response to this, additional security has been implemented through a combination of social media integration, customizable privacy options within our native profile system, and a registration requirement just to view the majority of profile data. This effectively keeps personal details from being included in Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results and also gives members a chance to do an initial screening before they decide to open more personal lines of communication. Additionally, users are able to customize just how much information is shared and with whom. Through this unique combination of much-needed attention to consumer demand, we hope to stand out as the best resource for finding a roommate, no matter what compels you to look.

The Person

The mind behind the vision, Pete Markakis, is an experienced web-developer located in the United States that noticed that the internet could refine the classified advertisement industry and decided to do something about it. He is a proven industry professional with a strong background in web development as well as programming and has experience developing innovative internet solutions under HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript frameworks and among others. He has a history of both creating and refining websites for businesses in a wide range of industries and works diligently to contribute substance and quality to the services available on the internet, in addition to his work with the USA Roomies referral service. If you want anything specific in this website please let me know by contacting me through this website.

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Chat with potential roommates with USA Roomies. Our responsive web site application lets you create your housemate profile by off-campus, the dorm, and if you have a room to rent out. Display your room mate profile by a city, specific neighborhood, and college/university. USARoomies.com (Online Rentals, LLC) is for anyone needing a flat mate. Whether you are in college or not, all ages of people are welcome. Upload pictures of yourself and if you are renting out a room, upload pictures of your place as well then get ready to chat with potential roomies. USA Roomies is an online chat responsive website where you chat with potential housemates by the username they created. Get to know members by their roommate profile, social profiles they are on and much more. Fell safe by verified members and their ip address being displayed on their profile. Campus life can be more exciting with roomies and you can have a lot nicer place to live in, rather than living on your own. Rent out your vacant room to a college student or anyone wanting to save money. USARoomies.com (Online Rentals, LLC) is a fun roommate finder chat where you can lock and unlock aspects of your profile when you feel safe to potential housemates. If you want anything specific in this website please let me know by contacting me through this website.

Pete Markakis

Programmer / Web Developer - USARoomies.com (Online Rentals, LLC)